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Colleen Taylor welcomes you to her Fine Art Gallery. Numerous designs of my gallery await to be printed onto fine art paper or canvas. They may be framed, stretched or rolled in a tube. This is then professionally assembled and shipped to you.

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PLEASE NOTE :WATERMARKS ON ARTWORK DO NOT APPEAR ON FINAL PRINTS : All images on this web site are fully protected by law. They are all legally copyrighted and may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way, without written permission from me, Colleen Taylor.

Colleen Taylor has been a professional artist and mixed-media painter for almost three decades, living and working in the Denver, Colorado area since the early 1970's and currently in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Since 1981, she has completed hundreds of projects, small and large, for both residential and commercial clients. Colleen is known primarily for her extensive years as a prolific large format wall mural artist within Colorado and the Rocky Mountain regions. She has been featured and published in Denver Design Resources, the Parade of Homes, and many other publications throughout Colorado and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Colleen is a rare blend of artist and an entrepreneurial business person. She is renowned for her excellent attention to detail and depth of field. She has mastered the art of creating unique, elegant and stunning paintings from sources within her life. Her unique approach is to become deeply absorbed in the complexity and challenge of her paintings. Combining organic traditional paints with the latest technological advances in the fine art field makes her paintings one-of-a-kind works of art.

Whether it is a portrait of a loved one, a field of sunflowers, a precious pet, a child being chased by the waves of the vast sea, or a tender moment shared within a family, Colleen will capture the essence of the moment in an original painting that will be treasured forever.

These Prints On Demand mean that the Fine Art Prints are NOT poster quality. They are indeed richer. There are no mass products sold here. Some of my works have never been sold until now. If you want to have them with a number and signed 'Certificate-of-Authenticity' please email me your address after ordering. Fine Art America does a flawless job and I am sure you will be pleased with your order.

All work in this gallery is the original artwork of Taylor Art and Design All Rights Reserved. All images are for sale, copyrighted to Colleen Taylor and Taylor Art and Design and is protected by US and International Copyright laws. All materials contained may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or downloaded in any way, shape or form. All rights are reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the Artist, Colleen Taylor and or Taylor Art and Design is strictly prohibited.

For more information about me or to contact me, please either visit my additional website, http://www.ColleenTaylorArtist.com or email me at colleen@colleentaylorartist.com

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find a piece of art to enrich your home or office.


Go Out on a Limb by Colleen Taylor


A Bottle of White Wine by Colleen Taylor


Red Wine by Colleen Taylor


It's Who is Behind the Camera by Colleen Taylor


The Beauty of Life by Colleen Taylor


Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 Champs by Colleen Taylor


Master of the Domain II by Colleen Taylor


Woodland Berry Wreath by Colleen Taylor


A Joy Filled Fall by Colleen Taylor


Spun Sugar by Colleen Taylor


The Calico Staredown by Colleen Taylor


Master of the Domain by Colleen Taylor


New Upload by Colleen Taylor


Life is Short by Colleen Taylor


Exponential Flare 2 by Colleen Taylor


Exponential Flare by Colleen Taylor


Vivid Eruption by Colleen Taylor


Tug of War by Colleen Taylor


Anticipation by Colleen Taylor


Hook 'Em 2 by Colleen Taylor


Hook 'Em 1 by Colleen Taylor


I Dream of Bouquets by Colleen Taylor


Blushed by the Sun by Colleen Taylor


The Americana Flag by Colleen Taylor


Back in the USA by Colleen Taylor


Scented Readings by Colleen Taylor


Peaceful Symphony by Colleen Taylor


Northern Blue Song Bird by Colleen Taylor


Snuggled by Colleen Taylor


Ikat Diamonds by Colleen Taylor


Indigo and Teal 2 by Colleen Taylor


Indigo Blocked by Colleen Taylor


Indigo and Teal by Colleen Taylor


Faded Indigo by Colleen Taylor


Transcendence by Colleen Taylor


The Juice of the Grapes by Colleen Taylor


I Need Vitamin Sea by Colleen Taylor


The Pear by Colleen Taylor


You Belong Among the Wildflowers by Colleen Taylor


Sisters by Colleen Taylor


Believe in the Seed Fairy by Colleen Taylor


Be at Peace by Colleen Taylor


Where Flowers Bloom by Colleen Taylor


Reach for the Stars by Colleen Taylor


Elephants in the Nursery by Colleen Taylor


Wild and Free by Colleen Taylor


Simplify by Colleen Taylor


Live the Life You've Imagined by Colleen Taylor